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The Business Case for Sustainability

Kimberley Dares

Tuesday October 20th, Saint Mary’s university will be welcoming to campus a guest of great interest to students and faculty from many disciplines. Ray Anderson will be at SMU to talk about “The Business Case for Sustainability” and how to run an environmentally friendly, yet still profitable business.

Tips when Choosing a Tax Return Accountant Calgary for your Business

Kimberley Dares

Tax accountant for your business
What happens when you want your business to be in line with the tax regulations within your state, and you do not have sufficient competence to file the returns. Well, an excellent recommendation for your business set-up at such a point in time would be to settle for the services of a credible business tax accountant Calgary to help you be in compliance with the regulations of your region. While filing your tax returns might seem like a simple procedure, filing the returns for a business set-up is typically challenging thereby making it necessary you invest in the services of a qualified professional.


Use the internet responsibly
Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when seeking the services of a business tax return accountant Calgary relies on your ability to use the internet responsibly. This Is because the web is packed with lots of meaningful information that you can use to choose the ideal tax service provider to suit your needs. Most technically savvy tax accountants have developed an online presence by customizing their website with the appropriate information for their clients. For instance, you might use the web to view customer reviews, the pricing packages, the repertoire of skill as well as to obtain the details of service providers that are closest to your proximity.

Seek advice and recommendations
Besides that, another point to consider is that you might want to seek recommendations from other business owners who operate within a similar niche or perhaps those who have previously settled for the services of a tax accountant. An excellent suggestion for you would be to prepare some questions beforehand that you will use to probe for relevant information for your tax accountant investment needs. The main benefit of seeking this type of insight is that you are provided with first-hand and real-time information into what you can expect when investing in a given tax accountant for your business needs.

Make an informed decision
This type of decision-making is not only important when seeking the services of a tax accountant, but also for various other critical aspects of your business. Simply put, making an informed decision always has its inherent benefits over the conventional techniques. To be specific, when you make perceptive choices for your business, you increase the likelihood of receiving professional services as well as the ultimate value for your time and money when investing in a particular service provider. More so, making an informed decision entails evaluating your financial capabilities and whether you can meet the pricing rates of your chosen service provider.

Evaluate their portfolio
Once you have narrowed down to the last few service providers, it's important that you also evaluate their service portfolio. In particular, this might entail assessing their previous jobs, their repertoire of services, the number of years in experience and their qualifications as well. Furthermore, you might also have to evaluate their websites and the get a broad view of the level of professionalism you should be expecting in your chosen service provider. By doing this for your business, you are ensuring that you will settle for the services of competent professional who will deliver the ideal value for your business each time.

Given all these points, when it comes to enhancing the complying with state financial and business operation regulations, then there is no room for haphazard choice making or inadequate improvisations on your part as the business owner. Therefore, It's imperative that you make informed decisions for your business each time such as settling for a professional business tax return accountant in Calgary.

Right or Privilege: Jose Ruba Speaks Amidst Conflict at Another University

Kimberley Dares

Chances are if you were a Saint Mary’s student last year you remember when Pro-Life Speaker Jose Ruba came to give a presentation known as “Echoes of the Holocaust.”

Further Steps toward Peace in Northern Ireland

Kimberley Dares

A splinter group of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) has indicated that it may hand over weapons to disarmament officials in the near future. Although the motives of the INLA have been called into question, this still comes as a great sign of progress for Northern Ireland; although a truce was called nearly twelve years ago the violence between feuding parties did not cease entirely. The IRA was disarmed but splinter groups continued activity; earlier this year those associated with another IRA splinter group, the Real IRA, gunned down British soldiers on a base outside of Belfast.

News for Potential Grads

Kimberley Dares

Whether you are eligible to graduate in the Fall or Winter Convocation or are sticking around Saint Mary’s until May there are many important tasks you should add to your to-do list.